Denial of Service

Punished behaviour

Only metal, what a bore 

Locked by my hotwife.

Today’s Haiku encapsulates my feelings towards part of my lifestyle. The agony, angst and excitement of obedient subservience. All the glitters isn’t gold ….sometimes! 

Sinful Sunday

Winter is Barren

Sinful Sunday

Winter is coming 

The garden looks so barren

Please bring me summer’s growth.

My first effort with a Haiku. Very apprehensive as not confident in my form! x

“Right now you think that she’s perfection, this time is really an exception,Well you know I hate to be a downer but I’m the guy she left before you found her.”  Here Today – The Beach Boys.

When you are no longer number one is it worth continuing the fight?

They say that’s it’s tough to get to the top in whatever walk of life you inhabit. It is a long held view that once or even if you make it to the top it is even more difficult to remain on the summit surveying the mere mortals beneath you.

However what happens when your skill, your consistency, your sharp wit, business aptitude or just plain popularity deserts you leaving you bereft of the gift that kept on giving? What then? 

Do you try to fight the forces that have robbed you of your position be they natures trick, age? Or do you hang around in the hope that your mojo will return, that the equilibrium that controlled all that was good to, and for you returns? 

Raging against the fading light like a former great champion now suffering continued torment at the hands of once lesser opponents previously unfit to even share the same arena. Or do you just give up and retire? 

My current life resembles the dilemma faced by all great ex-champions. I have seldom felt less assured. Knocked from my perch by a once adoring wife whom now barely speaks to me, who finds fault even in the things she once admired.No longer required in the intimacy stakes, replaced by others who are seemingly more successful, intelligent, lively and perhaps most crucially, virile.

Your wife’s lovers ready and willing to replace you as her significant partner; to live in apparent bliss with her without a thought about what you are, what you might want, what you do or don’t deserve, what you think you have…had?

The present reality is that I am fast becoming yesterday’s man, having to hang up the boots as others take over.

Consigned to being a wage earner, father and inadequate maintenance man around the house but mostly ignored.

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Love is here today but gone tomorrow?

“Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”

Rumi. 1207-1273

Married? Check. Kids? Check. Homeowner? Check. These are the questions we are asked seemingly a thousand and one times on forms and in surveys during our adult life. For many of us, notwithstanding the sad effects of divorce or bereavement or barring the the unlikely but still possible natural disasters, these answers are a constant in life’s journey. Many of us will remain married to our first spouse, raising kids and being tied to a mortgage or rent, until the grave. This is as certain as death itself and taxes to steal horribly from Mark Twain.

Those bald ‘yes/no’ responses made in forms and surveys never provide any context as to how an individual’s life is progressing or evolving. What if the equilibrium of domestic contentment has tilted to the point where you no longer understand whether or not you exist within the margins of what you had presumed to be a longstanding, strong marriage? 

Over time I hope to chronicle my thoughts on a number of different subjects,hopefully with some humour, in this blog. My musing will be set against a backdrop of what I have assumed to be a solid, stable relationship. Hope remains that this is the case but intuition and insight provides me with evidence that my life and relationship has changed in ways I would never have expected.